Mother's Day Himmeli Workshop (Mom + Child)

Mother's Day Himmeli Workshop (Mom + Child)

from 12.00

In Partner with Parkwood Master Bulider

Saturday, May 11th

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Arbours at Keswick Showhome, 6605 Knox Place SW

Join Treena and her daughter Emrynce of Salvage + Bronze for a crafting experience that is for both Mother and child.  Treena and Emrynce will walk you through the traditional art of  Himmeli making.  With a bit of a modern take, Mom will have her choice of Copper or Brass (gold) and the child himmeli will be made with paper straws to keep it kid friendly for all ages.  Both will personalize their Himmeli with tassels and more.   There is the option to add another child ticket and/or add an additional metal himmeli for a teen or adult.

If you aren't familiar with the Art of Himmelis, they are traditionally made in Finland where they would take the straw from their fields and make beautiful geometric mobiles believed to bring prosperity for the up coming year. 

On this Mother's Day take some time for yourself and your kiddo(s), learn a new craft, connect with your hands and your creative side.

Different Ticket options available:

Mother + 1 child (one metal Himmeli + One paper Himmeli) Base $55 ~ must purchase first

Additional Child (paper himmeli) additional $12 on to the base price of $55

Mother +Teen/Adult Child (2 metal Himmelis) $35 onto the base price of $55 for the extra metal Himmeli.

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Where: Arbours of Keswick Showhome, 6605 Knox Place SW