Himmeli and Crystals ~ March 22nd

Himmeli and Crystals ~ March 22nd


Crafting Energy with Himmelis and Crystals

Date: Friday, March 22

Time: 7-8:30pm

Location: Eleven Eleven Community Collective, Sherwood Park

Investment: $62


Spend an evening learning and creating in this 2 for 1 workshop.

 Treena will guide participants through making their very own gorgeous copper Himmeli. Himmelis are a traditional Finnish craft where rye straw from crops are fashioned into whimsical geometric shapes. 

 You’ll also create some supportive energy using crystals. Participants will choose three crystals to work with and keep and Nicole will share information on crystal basics. You’ll also learn about how your Himmeli and crystals can work together energetically.

 Your creations will not only be beautiful decorative pieces, they can also help bring prosperity and positive energy into your home.

 All materials are included in this workshop.


Treena is a Himmeli artist and owner of Salvage + Bronze.


Nicole Starker Campbell is a certified Crystal Healer and Reikimaster.


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Where: Eleven Eleven Holistic Community Collective

28 Blackfoot Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4W5