Hi My name is Treena...

I make SHAPES, well actually they have a proper name;

Himmeli, meaning sky or Heaven. 

My grandmother sparked my obsession with design at an early age with the influence of her Scandinavian roots prominent throughout her home.   

Interior design has been a lifetime passion of mine with inspiration coming from all things new and old. I have always been a creator - working with my hands to bring something into existence or breathing a new life into something from the past.  Himmelies give me the opportunity to combine both.  Himmelies are a traditional craft originating in Finland, were they take Rye Straw from their crop and turn it into a whimsical geometric dream.  I love their clean lines, the endless geometric possibilities and the energy the different shapes seem to have.


The beginning of 


I started by making a few for a friend out of paper I hand rolled.  The response was very positive and it encouraged me to experiment with new mediums and designs.  Brass, copper and just recently,  their traditional rye straw, have been through the workshop in various designs and sizes.  Each Himmeli is carefully designed and handmade from scratch.

Premade for your home, a touch of prosperity for a special wedding day or a fun night out creating with your hands - all beautiful ways to incorporate the Himmeli and its charming traditions into your life, whatever your style.  

Photo credits ~ Jill Coursen (top photo), Laurie K. Jensen (bottom photo, branding session)